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News and Ideas

Bose Frames Audio Eye Wear by Mixer Design Group

BoseFrames - Open Air Audio EyeWear

The new Bose Frames product line with three stylish frames; Tempo, Tenor & Soprano designed and engineered by Mixer Design Group. The latest in open air technology offering high performance fit and highly safe situational awareness.

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HP Neverstop Printer Industrial Design by Mixer Design Group

HP Neverstop Printer wins 2020 IF Design Award

Mixer developed the Industrial Design, created the unique toner refilling system and engineered production components of this revolutionary printer. Numerous internationally patent-able innovations were also created from our design explorations .

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Julie Heard Principal - Mixer Design Group

Assembling an Aesthetic: Julie Heard, principal, Mixer Design Group

The thing that was the most impactful thing for me when I started out in industrial design was the Memphis design movement. This was a group of Italian architects who formed a design collective and started to create objects. I didn’t know it at the time, but I’ve since learned that the name was inspired by a Bob Dylan song. When I was growing up, I loved making art. I really loved doing sculpture. But by the time I got to my junior year in high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew I didn’t want to suffer for my art.

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Matt Grossman - Industrial Designer - Mixer Design Group

Ready to Rocket: Matt Grossman, Industrial Designer

The thing that eventually inspired me to get into industrial design was the space shuttle. I keep this toy version on my desk.


I grew up in the 80s and I saw space shuttles everywhere, but I didn’t know what it was about them that made me think they were cool. I mean, yes, they went into space, but they also looked good. It was only years later that I understood that I was attracted to it because it looked the way it did because it had to.


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Autonomous vehicle Hydrogen Fueling Station by Mixer Design Group

Design Exploration on Autonomy and Gas Stations

Check out this article we prepared for a manufacturer of gasoline pumps to explore the place in the market for traditional fuels in the autonomus vehicle market.


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