Radar Pace Engineered by Mixer Design

Wearable Design Tech and Specialized Expertise

The Radar Pace is an excellent example of a fully integrated wearable that employs ergonomics, biometrics, GPS, wireless coms and advanced manufacturing methods. 

Check out his amazing example done with Intel and Oakley. It enables atheletes to leverage real time training input that is informed by biometrics, GPS and personalized training regimens.



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Voice Activated Training Eyewear by Intel and Oakley at CES 2015 engineered by Mixer

Wearable Technology Product Development is Hard

Intel has been a major driver of new wearable technology development by partnering with major brands like Oakley, Fossil, New Balance and others. It is great that these sophisticated integrated design developments are getting the resources and time that large organizations like Intel can offer. The Mixer team knows from deep weable technology experience that this type of product development is much more than a concept rendering and a press release. It takes long hours and hard work to design and engineer sophisticated multi-shot moldings.

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