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News and Ideas

Blake West, Mixer Design Group, Principal, Mechanical Engineer

Creative fiddling with Blake West - Founding Partner, Mixer Design Group

I didn’t realize it at the time, but studying violin in my youth would give me inspiration, insights, and have many parallels to my future work in product design.

A couple of years into playing I realized that not only was I fascinated with the music, but also with the very instrument itself. A violin has such detailed beauty and cleverness. Its old world technology inspired me to learn more about it. All of the stringed instruments in the orchestra are scaled versions of the same basic design and I thought that was pretty cool. I was captivated.

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Amy Williams - Senior Mechanical Engineer at Mixer Design Group

Putting it together with Amy Williams - Mechanical Engineering Program Lead

When you see something in the store, what does it take for it to get there? What are the technical challenges? I’ve been really lucky in my career, because one of the first major projects I worked on, the Qualcomm QCP 2035, actually went to market. Working on it showed me that what I really like about engineering is the collaboration.

When I graduated from college in 1998 I was lucky enough to get a job at Qualcomm in San Diego. The company was trying to introduce a new technical standard for mobile phones, so they built a division to make handsets using that standard.

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Voice Activated Training Eyewear by Intel and Oakley at CES 2015 engineered by Mixer

Wearable Technology Product Development is Hard

Intel has been a major driver of new wearable technology development by partnering with major brands like Oakley, Fossil, New Balance and others. It is great that these sophisticated integrated design developments are getting the resources and time that large organizations like Intel can offer. The Mixer team knows from deep weable technology experience that this type of product development is much more than a concept rendering and a press release. It takes long hours and hard work to design and engineer sophisticated multi-shot moldings.

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Julia Heard inducted as a Fellow of the IDSA

Founding Principal Julie Heard inducted into the IDSA Academy of Fellows!

We are so proud to announce that Julie Heard, one of our founding partners, has become Mixer Design Group's first Fellow of the Industrial Designers Society of America! Julie was inducted along with two other distinguished members into the IDSA Academy of Fellows for earning the special respect and affection of the membership through distinguished service to the Society and the profession. Julie's nearly 25 years of active involvement and leadership in the IDSA has enabled Mixer to keep abreast of  the latests professional standards and educational trends of our profession.

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Mixer's new studio in Austin Texas

A mature sophisticated teenager

Mixer Design group just celebrated our 13th birthday! Even though we are a youthful and spirited teen we are still humbled and proud to have the confidence of some of the world’s most sophisticated international brands including; HP, Intel, Chrysler, Oakley, Fiat, AMD, Polycom, 3M and many more. We are so grateful to everyone on our incredibly talented and creative team who year in and year out deliver the kind of work that makes clients smile and continually come back for more.

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