Tear Down the Walls

Mixer has no walls, literal or figurative, between Industrial Designers, Engineers and User Experience experts.

Vertically Integrated Design Process

You can’t create a great design when folks simply throw their work over-the-wall to another department and forget it. We don’t have walls between disciplines. This allows us to work concurrently for faster and more accurate results. Mixer works with the most sophisticated companies in the world who use our vertically integrated service of Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and UX.


Our award winning Industrial Designers work on the most challenging technical products. Mixer Industrial Design defines the emotion and personality of your physical brand. We create your brand’s face to the world through form, material and finish. Our skills with ergonomics and complex CAD surfacing allow us to create the character, look and feel that your customers desire.


We have a full team of Mechanical Engineers that develop great ideas all the way through to manufacturing. Our engineers push the boundaries and define new production methods to get the results our clients need. We work closely with vendors all across the globe to assure that our designs are manufacturable. Mixer Engineers and Designers work together for “seamless” product design.


Mixer’s Electrical Engineers create schematics, PCB layouts and firmware for many of our client’s products and functional prototypes. The market is always demanding tighter and smaller packaging of technology and this requires an extremely close relationship between our Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers. Communication and close proximity are the keys to our success.


We believe a product should be designed around the user’s experience. In electronic products, that experience can include how it feels in your hand or on your body, as well as the interactions on the screen. The design teams at Mixer address the entire experience of the product, from physical ergonomics to user interface, in one coherent integrated process. We develop screen UI designs from wireframes to production code and test our designs with real users.


We are often asked to solve design and engineering problems that have never been done before. Our senior engineers and designers have a long track record of invention and innovation. We are very comfortable approaching open-ended problems and discovering or creating processes to deliver a functional solution. Our team has helped our global clients gain competitive advantage with countless utility patents and innovations.


Build it to believe it. Mixer uses a broad range of prototyping methods for different stages of the design. We make prototypes to see how products look, how they feel and prove that they function. Our integrated design team often make “looks like - works like” models that bring excitement and buzz to trade shows and product introductions.

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Experience Breeds Confidence

There are only a small handful of design firms sophisticated enough to serve global corporations.  Even fewer have the engineering and manufacturing chops to challenge the status quo. Unique requirements often demand new methods of making things. Mixer has experience with all types of manufacturers around the globe. We work closely with your manufacturing partners to deliver the function, fit and finish that your customers demand.

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Keeping it Real

How many times have you been burned by an outside design consultant that delivered “ideas” that don’t meet your requirements or simply can’t be made? The true test of invention and innovation is implementation. We consistently deliver beautiful solutions that work. That’s why our Fortune 500 clients come back again and again. We keep our creative head in the clouds, but our feet firmly on the ground.

1 + 1 = 10

Mixer is named for the notion of mixing together our multiple skills to solve complex singular problems. The combination of our varied talents with your team’s knowledge and experience is much more powerful than all of us working in separate silos. We mix in with your team and build on each other's ideas to discover solutions we would never find on our own. We work with you, not just for you.

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Start to Finish - Anywhere in Between

Mixer has product design expertise from the earliest product concept phases all the way through to final design for mass production. If you don’t need all that, we are happy to help you with any stage of the product development cycle. Our full team of Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and UX Specialists are always there to assure our deliverables are fully considered at every stage of the design.

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Hands-On Approach

We like to build, to tinker, to learn first hand. We all know that a picture, especially a beautiful rendering, is worth a thousand words. We at Mixer believe that a prototype is worth more than a thousand pretty pictures. Mixer designs physical products for the physical world and this requires all the senses to understand the challenge at hand. We go out into the world to learn about your users. We bring our ideas to them to see if they work. To see if we make them smile.