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We specialize in electronic product design for global companies. Mixer has deep experience developing consumer electronics, wearables, B2B equipment, bioscience instruments and healthcare devices. Our focus is on making our clients’ innovative technology useful and meaningful for their customers.

Leverage our specialized knowledge in product development, industrial design, mechanical engineering, UX, human factors, material selection and global manufacturing. We'll help you realize your strategic vision.


Industrial Design consulting service, electronic Product Engineering

Ego doesn’t solve technology product design problems; deep insight, expertise, and hard work do. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either.

Our focus is on helping our clients succeed in the marketplace and within their organizations. When you look good, we look good.

We’ve built long-term client relationships by eliminating stress, defusing drama and coming through for our global clients time and again.  Our design solutions support sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.  We also share our time, money and skills to help non-profit groups and programs like the Veterans Telling Project, Free Minds Project, Helping Hands Home, and Big Brothers Big Sisters


Chris Cavello, Julie Heard and Blake West Mixer Design Group Austin, TX

Chris Cavello | Chris guided research, strategy and design efforts for Apple, AMD, Chrysler, Dell, Fiat, HP, Intel, Staples and Polycom, earning numerous design and utility patents. He studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute and the Domus Academy. Chris also holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Stanford University.

Julie Heard | Julie holds numerous patents and international design awards for work she directed for Qualcomm, Dell, HP and Texas Instruments. She was elected as a Fellow of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and was a longtime Board Member. She holds a degree from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Blake West | An innovator with numerous utility patents, Blake managed programs for global corporations that include AMD, Chrysler, Dell, Google, Fiat, 3M, HP, Intel, Oakley, Guidant, Motion Computing and Motorola. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.



studio - Industrial design consulting service,  Electronic Product Engineering

Mixer’s open studio encourages an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. It’s an environment brimming with creative energy and a collaborative ethos for getting things done.

Our highly specialized industrial design and electronic product engineering service team uses the latest and most powerful hardware and software. Then we add a dollop of special sauce: the unique intellectual energy and creative vibe of Austin, TX.

State of the art global communications connect us to partners worldwide. Then again, many of our clients find that visiting us in Austin is a refreshing and stimulating way to turbo-charge creative collaboration.


Do the best work of your career creating solutions for world-class clients.

Energize our collaborative studios with your unique skills and insatiable curiosity.

Be part of a lively team of experts in the center of Austin, TX, one of the most dynamic cities in the country.

Top-notch Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering resumes are always welcome. Interns and co-ops considered year-round. Contact: [email protected].